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June 03, 2008



For real, this is where Coldplay enters the picture? The Wilson book is pretty wonderful, but its discussion of schmaltz (and what you're mentioning here on heartstrings and their pluckability) highlighted for me the fact that while I quickly dismiss EMOtive songwriters like Gibbard in the thoroughly modern sense, it's exactly this kind of open sentimentality I seek out in older music (and to a lesser extent, older movies). I mean, George Jones, Sam Cooke, Mary Wells? That's some sappy stuff, but when anyone contemporary reaches so blatantly for my warm and fuzzy areas, I cringe. Then again, I seem to be mid-breakup at the moment, and there's that new Death Cab album on the shelf...


Next time you listen to "Marching Bands of Manhattan," imagine Celine's voice instead of Ben Gibbard's. Now imagine that special, unlocatable accent of her's. "Your lurv is gonna drown."

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