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May 06, 2008



Same here. I watched all 5 seasons (roughly 60 hours) over the course of 2 weeks, including a couple of 10 hr days. No regrets.

But why did you choose that image? Brother Mouzone was the one questionable moment in a 5 year stretch of uninterrupted authenticity?


km - you're right, the mouzone storyline is up there amongst my least favourite threads in the Wire's awesomely complicated fabric. but insofar as he's a necessary component in season 3 (i don't want to give anything away here, for fear that i might spoil someone who's still making his/her way through the dvds) -- and i do think that his character's outsider status is necessary for season 3's arc to work -- well, i guess that's why he and omar are featured in this blog post. that, and i couldn't find a really cool omar picture. and because i keep the dominic west pics for myself.

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