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April 03, 2008



I like Cyndi Lauper, I think Pavement are very overrated, and I've never heard of Ben Bernanke. I think MD would agree that he and I do not have a future together.

I have thought for some time that there are three things a person needs to have some kind of passion for, to be a realistic prospective partner for me (though even to type that stilted phrase makes it sound deeply, appallingly unrealistic):

1. drink (that is, alcohol)
2. music (that is, pop)
3. reading (must include ... books)

In that order? Possibly. And yes, it does matter which books. About the alcohol, I can be much more open-minded.

this reminds me of my old interviews about whether or not they have "music to put people in the mood" -- something that can only go terribly right or terribly wrong. But at least that comes as a warning before you do the deed, as opposed to the above situations in which booze + lust means that you don't look at people's decor until its too late. Is it shallow to judge people based on their book covers/itunes/posters? What the hell else are you going to judge people on? Words lie. But few people have the artistry and attention to detail necessary to shop their way into an identity other than their own. In other words, decor is the most accessible window into the soul. At least, assuming you have developed enough taste to read it accurately. Speaking of which, whats wrong with having Sedaris on my shelf?


random anecdotes: The week I was reading 'prayer for owen meany' on the train (in Berlin), 2 different people came up to me to strike up a conversation about the book. What part was I at, who do I like best, what do I think of Owen... I ended up having brunch with one of them a week later. Similar phenomena happened while I was reading 'da vinci code' on the train (in Boston). That is until I took the dusk jacket off. I was also approached while reading William Vollman's notoriously time consuming 'The Ice-Shirt' in a cafe - this guy just really wanted me to know that he had read it too.

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  • If Ayn Rand and Walter Benjamin got in a cage fight and then made up over foie gras, single malt scotch and indie pop, you'd have the delightful adventures of "That Was Probably Awkward." Plus or minus the single malt and foie gras, depending on the week's finances. But always the indie pop. Sad, stirring indie pop. And a decent happy hour.

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