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January 20, 2008



even malgre the spluttering quality of that clip, I am very struck by how casually droll he appears here. we really have not seen much of this character in my country, in truth, but this makes him look remarkably human and savvy.


I was just about to make a political post when this appeared. I appreciate how HT still hasn't come out and made a clear stand on this issue.

I can say I have given up on Ron Paul -- his anti-choice stance was too much once I found out about it.


"I am not interested in talk," he said. "I would not be running if I wasn't absolutely convinced that I can put an economic agenda forward that is going to provide them with healthcare, is going to make college more affordable, and is going to get them the kinds of help that they need not to solve all of their problems, but at least to be able to achieve the American dream."

phew! I mean, I realize that he can't solve all their problems, but for a while there I was worried that people wouldn't be able to achieve the American dream either.

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