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January 27, 2008



"His smirk betrayed his delight in wielding this nugget."

I thought it might be worth doing something with this sentence, then realized it does half of everything, or too much of nothing, on its own.


Apparently, the one on the far left is fatter in real life.


if you need more evidence to reach the conclusion that they, like, totally have "library smarts": [link]


yes (it was definitely high-school library foyer standard) -- and you know what else is amazing - when they did this interview with the Guardian, they posed in exactly the same positions + outfits as for the Pitchfork interview!



Crikey, was this discussion this long ago?

Spurred by finding that an indiepop guru I know and respect has been getting into them, I have just heard Vampire Weekend for the first time. I might have thought it was OK if this whole article / post / discussion, + their ludicrous, ugly and generic name, hadn't queered their pitch so badly in advance. It wasn't special anyway - pretty contrived and shapeless. The high-life guitar is OK. But I could do that. Anyone could.

I am now listening to their 'Oxford Comma'. I'm not sure what they mean by this phrase, but I don't think it's a strike against the Comma, Hegemony. Come to think of it, it's pretty grim to swear as blatantly as this so upfront on yr big would-be hit. ... and this track also loses focus entirely and winds up nowhere much.

I fear that they are overrated, except by Probably Awkward.

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