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December 22, 2007



Darlin, you should plow right through to the fourth season of the Wire. It's completely amazing. Even more amazing is my inability to stop thinking of that version of Ulysses as "The Hedda Gabler Edition".

Want some annotations? I've got a big whopping book of annotations. Ugh.


which book? i'm amassing a list of secondary lit to read and/or refer to.


Walking in the bookstore last week i stumbled across one of my favouritist writers, Iain Banks, having a new book resting on the recommend table. I recollect when the man was unknown in the States. I used to hunt for his books. And had over the past 6 or 8 years become lazt at searching him out. I hope you have read at least 'The Wasp Factory' if not the other novels the man has inspired me with.
So my x-mas has me spread out reading this man's book. Catching bits of Wizard of Oz and other x-mas flicks. I plan to turn the tely off at every commercial break for 25 minutes. No more jumping around the cable dial. I have lost simple minded TV happiness and I blame the Writers. So I am downloading Stargate seasons and watching them. I know. I have crossed a threshold of geekiness in to nerdiness. Oh well, x-mas. Makes a loner more odd than ever.

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