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December 20, 2007



An old girlfriend of mine immigrated to the States from Poland toward the end of the Cold War. Her dad escaped first and started sending greenbacks to the family on the other side of the Curtain. Getting the money there required a bit of trickiness to pass through the authorities. He would buy one of those musical cards. They had a thick back that housed the battery for the music part. He would slip a few hundred dollars of cash into space between the paper that held the battery. And the Polish censors would overlook it. The wife and kids piled up a good enough sum to pay for the tickets, make the bribes and come over to the glory of God's Country. Their Christmas cards to each other always recall what happiness came of the pieces of paper greeting exchanged. And every year they mail a bit of cash in a greeting card to family in Poland to recall the great efforts they once had to endure.
So, uhm, X-mas Cheer.

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