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December 18, 2007



Did you make this up?

and what is a 'cereal bar'?



There are 23 entries for 'radically-themed art clothing' on the www. Alas - they are all references to this film. So, I fear, we will never get a non-circular account of what it means.


someone might have to *gasp* see the film and report back. any volunteers?


heck, yes - I'm going to see it, if it ever makes it out here. I still need to find out what a cereal bar really is.



I just get the feeling of this film having a 'quirkiness' that recollects 'Heathers' and able to indulge my cereal fascination. Well, I am drawn in by your sale. And I have picked up this awareness of who Zooey is because I always confuse her with Anna Friel from 'Pushing Dassies'. She sticks out to me because years ago she was playing a teenage lesbian coming gout on a British soap opera. I thought Zooey and Anna were the same person until wikipedia capable peoples intervened to show me the inaccuracies of the richiepedia. Anyhoo, I am going to see that one right after my nostalgic viewing of '1941'.


Sainsbury's are selling *12 fruit & nut muesli* (1kg) at a reduced rate of £1.50 rather than the putatively customary £2.99.
(cf http://www.calorie-count.com/calories/item/71202.html for more technical detail)

Armed with this as I left the aisle, I was already starting to wonder if I could open a Cereal Bar myself.

On a non-cereal, non-radically-themed note, the dilapidated wheezer behind me in the checkout queue clasped only one item in his quivering withered digits: a bottle of 'basics' (economy) Spanish Red Wine. Unless he planned to feed it to his pet groundhog or partially tamed woodchuck, I feel that this is a very sound illustration of the phrase 'a false economy'.

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