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November 14, 2007


Mike D

I was on the same late train but very-luckily not in the same car. Thank G-d.


that made me nauseous.

today i got on the T shuttle to Mission Bay, which was a little crowded because it's only a 1 car train, and there was a dude taking up TWO seats because he was playing his stupid royal blue fake stratocaster ELECTRIC GUITAR while wearing his stupid black LEATHER JACKET and humongous headphones and tempting everyone around him to SMACK HIM INTO NEXT WEEK.

if only we could have gotten him and your horrible couple together on the same train, maybe they'd either have taken each other out, or induced so much atmospheric rage and indignity that they would have been forced to exit at the next stop.

which, by averages, would be somewhere in...kansas?

more mad

that's awesome!!! sorry to be the dissenting view...

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