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October 04, 2007



vietnamese people or brainy people? or both? :)


ah, but vietnamese people *are* brainy people! our analytical minds (and our knife skills) will whoop your ass any day, at any elevation.

i'm mostly just annoyed at top chef judge tom colicchio for weirdly conflating hung's food demonstrating "soul" with the food containing asian flavors or influences. hung's clear mastery of classical french cooking was "soul-less" unless he included vietnamese elements? wtf? my food often contains not a whiff of vietnamese influences, but it's got soul because it comes from my love of cooking. why does hung need to prove that he has soul by doing some sort of weird culture-checking?


tom colicchio doesn't care about gay people.


totes! can't say more because my brain is fried at the end of the week but i hear you on extreme technique/soul binary at work here. but go hung!


I almost want you guys to write another post on this just to it can be called 'Hung Jury,' or something.

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