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October 11, 2007



"[A[n ongoing attempt to recast difficulty through a different filter (or perhaps no filter at all) -- when difficulty gets stripped-down to the point where something like race or class difference plays out in funny exchanges between characters, it's almost as if the filmmakers are saying, 'Oh, but see? It doesn't have to be so difficult.'" Nice. Quirkiness re-packages imperialist desire.


"... a good deal of post-colonialism has been a kind of 'exported' version of the United States' own grievous ethnic problems, and thus yet another instance of God's Own Country, one of the most insular on earth, defining the rest of the world in terms of itself." -- Terry Eagleton, Figures of Dissent (London: Verso, 2003), p.163.

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  • If Ayn Rand and Walter Benjamin got in a cage fight and then made up over foie gras, single malt scotch and indie pop, you'd have the delightful adventures of "That Was Probably Awkward." Plus or minus the single malt and foie gras, depending on the week's finances. But always the indie pop. Sad, stirring indie pop. And a decent happy hour.

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