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October 21, 2007



yo ht, thanks for the links here: meant to go read this after our conversation on saturday but might have forgotten. and i agree with you: i found the slate piece to be a thought-out and thought-provoking article. more like what i would assume sfj would have wanted his piece to be.


All the bands you could mention to counter the soul-free indie rock contention and you start with the Whigs? That, my dear, is why you are my fave rave.

Toby Southfield

"And by making that claim within a framework of race just feels like an unrigorous and problematic correlation of blackness = exotic eroticism. "

I don't think he's saying that. I think he find's african-origin rhythms more moving, and more exciting, and more sexy. I think that's more about the rhythms themselves than the fact that a black person is playing them, - although you if you want to, you could reduce all the achievements of african musicians to being a result of the essentialism of their blackness. Personally I agree with Sasha - rhythmically, musicians in Indie bands are bland as hell. He's saying that it's a shame that rock and roll started out so full of rhytmic energy and now it's rhythmically like listening to paint dry - the music is all head and no heart and genitals. You only think that's a condescending attitude if you yourself value the head over the heart or genitals. For a lot of people, it's a serious achievement to make music that appeals to all the human instincts, not just the cerebral ones exclusively.

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