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September 06, 2007


hey md. heard on the news this morning that apple has decided to give early adopters a $100 store credit...i guess that's something, no? doesn't it restore your faith a little that they are bothered by the backlash? i'm still jealous of you, if that makes you feel better...ha! xo, ks


I'm mad at them because of the press conference, but for entirely different reasons. The reduced price of the iPod “Classic” forced my hand, having been trying to determine the proper time to step up from my tiny 10G to a more reasonable 80G. Problem - the Video iPods, I’ve come to discover, require Tiger OS as well as (here’s the kicker) USB 2.0. As most people probably know by now, Apple is eschewing Firewire in favor of USB, thereby rendering my 3 year old G4 PowerBook (with USB 1/FW only and no expansion available) virtually obsolete.

I’ve been a “Mac-ey” (??) for upwards of a decade now precisely because they didn’t do this kind of planned obsolescence BS. If I want a new iPod, I have to either buy a new computer or chip in the $129 for Tiger (soon to also be obsolete), and wait for hours on end for my iPod to update with USB 1. When we all know it would have been no problem at all to have the iPod work for both FW and USB as they had in the past.

Mad at Steve Jobs, I am. And no rebate will satiate me.

Whew! Thanks for the outlet, twpa…


do new macs even come with a firewire port? i remember getting an ipod nano last year (after my ancient 10G one had died), and being really confused by the whole USB thing. at least my even-newer video ipod can be charged (sans computer) via firewire cord to my charger. stupid apple.

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