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August 27, 2007



No mention of being run out of said playground by New York's Finest? Curious after-hours clubgoers? High-tech bikeshaws?

One question - you took the clue to the bathroom??


I needed to take a picture of the puzzle for our absent doctor friend in Arizona, and the Magician's bathroom was the best-lit place at nearly four in the morning. The ladies were very confused.

I never saw the bikeshaw in question, though I did read on the MM messageboard how the team who had said bikeshaw were pretty pleased with themselves. I'm also pretty sure that they had team member attrition, and so to them I say: feh!

I walked past that parking lot yesterday night, and saw the spot where we had camped out, and had a nostalgic moment as I recalled our helpful friends in the tight miniskirts.

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