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August 07, 2007



what is wrong with you people!?

"well originally i guess we came here on a spiritual journey. but that didn't really pan out."

the truly problematic quirk, of the sort that could some critical attention, admits of no failure because it is beyond failure or has turned Failure Into Fun! and thereby taken away from narrative its essential fulcrum: conflict.

but that's not really where i'm going with this. it's a wes anderson film. it is (i) pretty, (ii) prettily shot, (iii) prettily costumed, (iv) prettily scored, (v) includes pretty people, (vi) hangs its writing hat on pretty one-liners, and (vii) could nix its non-score vocal tracks altogether and still be 93% the same movie.

i mean, did you *see* the zizou picture? those red hats & those sneakers should have been on the cast list. was it a great film? i do not think so. but that's probably because neither jason schwartzman nor luke wilson were in it. they're so pretty! their faces do pretty things! they wear hats well!

the only problem with the darjeeling limited, as far as i can tell, is that it ain't got enough ladies and there's no bill murray. ladies are pretty and bill murray would make me want to reinstate the vocal tracks. ok, his vocal track.

i'm sorry. you should have known that when you spoke ill of the schwartzman, you would rankle poor NM. just stay the hell away from martin freeman and maybe we can call a truce.

(and also, i'm a little delirious and really want some fro yo. is that quirky?)



do you want pinkberry? 'cos if that's the fro yo you're looking for, i'm going to have to shake my head in conventional dismay.

as for wes anderson: i wrote a little something in the comments for the parker posey post. but i'll admit here that i fell asleep through the *only* part of the zissou film that i actually wanted to see: cate blanchett kissing a wilson brother. if nothing else, my frustration with the w.anderson movies actually makes me feel better, because for a little while i thought that i was just being anti-ladies. and then i realized that i really did hate the cute, no matter how old/wry the protagonist or how well the red hats were worn. or how funnily they reenacted vietnam. it's not about schwartman (i swear!) -- it's about how different components (visuals, sound, etc) come together to make the viewer feel art-directed. it's too cute, you know?


no berry fro yo please. chocolate vanilla swirl and i'm all done. (maybe add chocolate chips, ok, you twisted my arm.) did you know that in n out will make a neopolitan shake for you if you just ask? i wouldn't, because i alway avoid the strawberry end of the neopolitan box. but it's nice to know i could.


it's the worst wes anderson film i've ever seen, that's for sure. remarkably lax and flaccid, from such a tightly manipulating formalist. almost entirely unconvincing. diminishing returns.

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