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August 10, 2007



Like, HT, I wouldn't know what Rand would do, but I would immediately get the vendors' contact info so that you can get them to cater your next event (birthday, xmas, new years, dinner party, farewell etc.)


but carson, you're an architect! i thought *all* architects loved ayn rand! at least that was the sense i got when i was trying to teach all of you about walter benjamin, and got an earful of rand-love instead!


wierd. no... architects have no problem changing their allegiance to philosophers. Adorno in the 60s and 70s, Derrida in the 80s, Deleuze in the 90s. Philosopher du jour is, well, still Deleuze - with a little Delanda mixed in.

I don't think architects read Rand with any degree of seriousness in relation to their work. The persuit of personal happiness is not to be confused with ego - what architects are in for, often. By and large, I think we (architects) are more Benjaminian, no? Architects have to deal with context a lot - physical, social, historical, political etc...

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  • If Ayn Rand and Walter Benjamin got in a cage fight and then made up over foie gras, single malt scotch and indie pop, you'd have the delightful adventures of "That Was Probably Awkward." Plus or minus the single malt and foie gras, depending on the week's finances. But always the indie pop. Sad, stirring indie pop. And a decent happy hour.

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