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July 09, 2007


more mad

oh god. i saw this. why i wondered was every other lie brarian mentioned a "law" librarian. we actually started a myspace for the history dept. at mid-manhattan. it's lame and we mostly have other libraries and crazy high school friends who leave us bulletins full of expletives. one of our friends is desk set, the group mentioned in the article. i have to say that i added them firstly bc they are indeed a photogenic bunch, but then on second thought i definitely, as a librarian and otherwise, subscribe to the woody allen view of groups and belonging...


it's funny -- back when i was in grad school, the political science ("government") department had four subfields: american politics, comparative politics, international politics, and political theory. i was (am!! am!!) a political theorist. we theorists used to joke that we were the hottest of the four subfields, which was sort of true. but then, i mean, you can only get so far with that sort of shared knowledge. does being a hot political theorist give me any cache in the real world? nope. could i take on some desk setters in a dark alley? probably. haute librarians, be advised.

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