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July 29, 2007



Thanks for coming out to the Burger Bash, ProbAwk! Sorry about the slow start, but it seems things got worked out in the end. The butter burger was my least favorite, too. I don't think we're going to do it again next year—if I have any say in the matter.


A pleasure sharing a table with you at the event! You left before I nearly got into a fight with the bartender at Water Taxi Beach who wanted to charge me $5 for a Sprite; I refused and walked away, but not before she poured it and gave me a look of death when I wouldn't take it. I found out a few minutes later that QBQBBQ was selling cans for $1.50.



We really enjoyed ourselves. We/I just started out a little cranky. By the end we were in love. Thanks so much for organizing!

Hey Mike--

You guys were great too! The Water Taxi bartenders at quoted us three different prices for the same drinks at one point. This was after the bartender walked off in the middle of making my drink to get another cash register.

Is your lady friend going to post her photos anywhere?


Pics will be on Flickr when she stops being lazy: http://flickr.com/photos/nycviarachel

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  • If Ayn Rand and Walter Benjamin got in a cage fight and then made up over foie gras, single malt scotch and indie pop, you'd have the delightful adventures of "That Was Probably Awkward." Plus or minus the single malt and foie gras, depending on the week's finances. But always the indie pop. Sad, stirring indie pop. And a decent happy hour.

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