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July 25, 2007



That pic above is not the best evidence for it, but Lindsay Lohan is a very tasty young lady. This fact is pretty obvious, but I meet a fair bit of resistance to it. I think all this bad publicity has been blinding people to it. Or maybe people just don't like stating the obvious.

I know there has been some evidence of LL being a dingbat, but she's also been in some pretty good films: Mean Girls & Freaky Friday at least.

re. these 'troubled celebs' - well, as Benjamin might say, "the story is told", all too often (and told yet again, would you believe, by Terry Eagleton in After Theory!) about George Best in the hotel room with a model, a million quid and a dozen bottles of champagne, and the hotel porter bringing room service, sadly shaking his head and asking: 'George, where did it all go wrong?'

I mean, isn't their idea of trouble our idea of fun? They're chuckling all the way to the limo.


who knew that the leading london-based joycean of our generation was also completely nuts?

to be sure, mean girls was a great film (crazy that rachel mcadams is in that, no?), but that doesn't excuse LL's train wreckness. and train wrecks are not tasty.

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