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July 17, 2007



i once had to rent a car to travel from a small town to the nearest regional airport so i could rent another car that could be dropped off several hundred miles away. or something. my memory is hazy from the unprocessed rage.

and amtrak is so damn expensive.

hey, i should be so lucky to befriend one day someone who's flunked one of my classes. good for you!

(and thanks for linking to me. i'm a-blush.)

more mad

ht, the enterprise bastards in greenpoint are also not open on sundays and get this only open 9 am to 12 pm on saturday?? wtf? i wanted a van and they said if i got it i'd also have to keep it til monday and of course pay for the extra day. i didnt wanna get all seinfeld on them so after saying that it was a minimum 2 day rental if you get it on saturday they relented and allowed me to get it at 9 and have it back by noon on the same day. way overpriced as well. whatever happened to 29.95 in the city or something like that...

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