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June 26, 2007


Hoyt Pollard

The Meximelt? Are you sure that's not Jamaican whiskey your imbibing?


ht, have i ever told you about how i once ate 13 mexi-melts, on my 13th birthday? well, that was the idea...i think i made it through 11 and a half. needless to say i haven't had one since.


hoyt: i believe the meximelt conversation began as a general-confusion sort of thing: what was the difference, if any, between a meximelt and a beef burrito? and then from there the conversation just sort of spun wildly out of control. no jamaican whiskey, though i was at a party the other weekend that featured thai rum. needless to say, we didn't crack open the bottle.

michael: i feel your pain. is this what turned you into a vegetarian?


Drinking is bad for you. It leads to delusions of profundity, singular schmaltziness, a brief period of happiness, an hour or two of anxiety attack, and then, roughly eighteen hours after beginning, a severe compulsion to repeat. At least, for me it does.

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