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June 09, 2007


more mad

frumpy librarianesque huh???


what do you think of the other iteration of the eurasian coupling: the asian man and the white girl? it's less common than the asian woman/white boy pairing, that's for sure, but why is that?

more mad

yeah i was curious about the same? also that this is nyc. yer not gonna see the same percentanges in, say, columbia, sc or topeka ks, right? is it similar in la?


it's funny -- i mean, "asian fetish" is sort of a one-way street, no? ie, it pertains to (white) men with a preference for asian women, but not to (white) women with a preference for asian men. it's true that all of the asian men i know (and am not related to) -- a fair number, given that i know maybe 2 asian women -- happen to date lovely, wonderful caucasian women. i suspect that among the general populace there's that strange/stupid fear re: white women being corrupted by 'the other,' but amongst my friends i've seen no evidence of this (the fear or the corruption). which i guess means that my friends are more advanced than the general populace. or that we're just deluding ourselves. unclear.


And that is why class is more important than race in America, unless you're black. I think.

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