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June 22, 2007



Shake Shack was never THAT good - or rather, always a nice simulacrum of a Chicago (or Buffalo, which has similar places) "hots" place, but never, ever worth waiting 40 mins for. Plus, that line makes you feel like there are too many zombified food conformists who believe what New York magazine says. Not that I would ever believe HT to be such.


Surprisingly (or not), the Shack employs a high number of culinary school students and grads hoping to get their foot in the Danny Meyer restaurant world. I know someone who recently graduated from the French Culinary Institute, and who got a job there last summer He got pretty excited the day he rotated into the custard shift. It's apparently a very big deal.

For what it's worth, at the end of the day, I'm a non-New-York-Magazine-reading In-and-Out girl who regrets spending her college years very far away from red meat (and who is now trying to make up for it. in spades).


Oh, for sure, HT, it's a better version of a fast-food burger than, say, Blue 9 (which is decent). Wouldn't expect anything less out of the estimable Mr. Meyer. And they grind their own beef blend at 11 Madison Park, yadda.

But I just mean that rather than wait an hour (for real!?) for that well-made trifle, I'd have at least twenty other, better burgers with shorter waits. Just to stick with Danny Meyer, for instance, there's the Union Square Café's amazing burger. Though that softball of meat will take you to the mat.

A secret (my) neighborhood tip: the burger at La Esquina. It's really fricking good, and pretty cheap - it has a really good sauce on it. And you can eat it outside, usually with no line if you have it from the takeout side. Shhhh.


...then there's the burger at Selfridges, London, that goes for 85 pounds (170 USD) a pop.

The ingredients of the sandwich are: Wagyu beef, fresh lobes of foie gras, black truffle mayonnaise, brie de meaux, arugula, red pepper, mustard confit and English plum tomatoes.

Forget protein shocks - this will send you into caloric spasms!



I will go on record as saying that's a small price to pay if it is as delicious as it sounds.


Apparently the fries got worse because they had to stop using trans fats. A tragic loss.

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